Follow Anything Anywhere is my attempt at getting list of ways to follow all forms of content on whichever platform you prefer to use.


Following content your own way allows you to avoid algorithms, avoid needing accounts or apps for numerous platforms, and customize how you sort and view said content. On the ideological side it also allows you to avoid being locked into a particular platform and restrictions that come with it.


Activity Pub




How to Use

I have things laid out where each platform has it’s own page listing all the ways you can follow most things. Categories and sites in those categories are listed alphabetically, with the exception of RSS where bridges are laid out first.

Fun tip: you can string multiple bridges together, for example by following an email newsletter via Activity Pub by going Email -> RSS -> Nostr -> Activity Pub. Jumping from one to another can let you follow pretty much anything with any of them.

If you’d like to help me build out the list, consider making a pull request with the new information added in. Otherwise, feel free to send me an email at [email protected].

This is very much both an informal project and a work in progress.

Licensed GPL v3